Follow your heart for that is where your treasure lies.
Photo of Gina

“My intention is to teach, inspire and encourage my clients to be aware of the presence of God within them. It is this consistent communication with the Divine that builds our confidence and gives us the faith to know that we can make healthy decisions.”

“I believe everything we need to lead the happiest, healthiest, most abundant lives is already within us. We must learn to access and trust this Wisdom consistently.”


What inspires me?

“A Course in Miracles,” God, my children, Dance, Poetry.

I am a competitive Ballroom Dancer now for three years. Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night and had this overwhelming sense to write. So, I got out my journal and out came my first poem. It is called, “All I ever wanted to do was dance.” The force that brought this poem up and out was of the Divine. My poetry is not under my conscious control. It has a life of it’s own. It is helping create within me the healthiest and happiest Gina possible. My dancing does this for me too. In their own unique ways, dancing and poetry inspire me, they add substance and form to my spiritual growth. I believe that the Divine Presence within me is the foundation upon which I have the faith that “anything is possible.”

I hope you will enjoy lingering with my poems and prayers as I share new ones each week.

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