Created in Love

Dear Mother Father God,  I believe that all people are creations of your Love. I believe that as your beloved children we are all equal and deserving of a happy life. As we celebrate our independence as a nation please help us to be respectful and supportive of eachother’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thank you. Love, Gina 

Love is all around

Dear Holy Spirit,  I come to you because I want to create the consistent awareness of all the infinite ways that Love shows up in my life. Please bless me with Your Vision so that I easily recognize the many manifestations of Love in me and around me. Thank you. Love, Gina 

Be quiet and listen

Dear Holy Spirit,  Sometimes I feel like my mouth is addicted to moving. I just keep talking. I am realizing that what I really want is to be quiet and listen. I want to be open and willing to allow myself to receive You, the Voice for God, within me. Please help me to let go lovingly. Please do whatever You must to change me, so that I listen and am aware of this Divine Inspiration and then act accordingly. Thank you. Love, Gina