Follow your heart for that is where your treasure lies.

Writing poetry creates an opportunity for me to get to know myself. It is a receptive time of introspection and self-awareness. It is my heart revealed. Please linger with me, enjoy and experience this "food for thought."

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This week's poem:

Because You Loved Me
'Because You Loved Me," floated gently through my mind.
I woke up knowing,
	That You had been with me all night long.

Feeling Your love for me,
	I relax in it,
		I stretch in it,
			I change and grow in it.

This is the love that sees me through troubling times.
Holding me when I feel alone.
This is the love that permeates my work.
So, happy for my successes.
	Cheering me on,
		Cherishing me,
			Encouraging me to swim in the mornings,
						Dance in the evenings.
							And laugh throughout the day.

Never having to image a day without it.
	Because Your love is my love.
			My love is Your love.
Abiding in me,
	I know this to be true.
		My life is a love story.
			All because You loved me.

Below is a selection of my poems. I select different poems for this page from time to time so, if you enjoy my poems, please return to this page frequently.

Feeling Close to You
I sit next to you.
	You, who doesn't speak a word.
Rubbing shoulders with you.
		Cozying up to you.	
Wanting to hold you,
	Wanting you to hold me.

Yet, feeling tentative,
	Closing in, backing away.
			You stay.

I know who you are.
You are who I always imagined you to be.
And now I am finally getting up the nerve.
To be with you consistently.

I want to feel your Presence within me and around me.
Swimming, dancing, writing, playing, healing, crying, 
Knowing no separation between us.

And, so I question?
What would ever cause me to experience that which scares me, separation?
My forgetfulness, 
	My belief in it.

My body relaxes, 
	My heart opens,
		How comforting it feels to know that,
					I can have what I want.
Feeling close to you.
All Because I Believe I Can!
Healing My Heart
There is magic in the wee hours of the morning.
Locked away for no one to see,
Unexpressed emotion rising to the surface.
Creating dis-ease,
Free at last,
I bid you farewell.
There is magic in this release.
As my wounded heart heals,
Particles of Light gently,
Tending to the pain.
Creating a fortress of Love within,
As nature would have it.
Storms will come and go.
I look beyond,
Knowing that there is nothing to fear.
A clear blue sky awaits.
The sun is shining,
As I look beyond.
The Gift
Having trouble focusing,
Due to internal turbulence!

Gazing in the mirror,
Looking like I just got out of bed,
Feeling wild inside,
		What is happening to me?

Stepping back, 
My breath,
My energy,
Feeling life move through me.
Circular, and earthy.
Awareness is the key,
To unlocking, the mystery within me.
Consciousness tells me where to go,
What to think,
What direction to take,
And what to say.

There was a time when I thought that I had nothing left to give.
Nothing worth contributing.
I was wrong!
I have taken good care of the gifts that I have been given. 
Health, beauty, strength, stamina, love, wisdom, humor, compassion,
The gifts of time,
A life well lived.
Now it seems that I have more to offer,
To myself and to others. 

And so, with the help of my One True Friend,
I offer my heart, my mind and my body,
Back to God. 
To use as He/She sees fit.
Understanding that what I have,
Was never truly mine to keep,
Just to benefit from.
The real meaning of "gift."
Time to pass it on.
One True Friend
My one true Friend,
		In me resides.
You are the One,
		Upon which I depend.
You are the One,
		To whom I go home.
You are:  Truth teller in me.
		Spark that ignites all my cells.
			One whose Love endures.
You are the One for me,
		My One true Friend.
My Heavenly Network
Receiving a vision today,
I laughed, then cried.
	Gratitude is the culprit,
		Opening my heart,
			Filling me with tears.

Gazing from side to side,
	Looking over my shoulder,
		Becoming aware that I am not alone.

I am surrounded by a variety of help,
Coming in different sizes, shapes, colors, talents and strengths.
All with the same calling card.
The energy is bold!
The commitment to me is tight.
I laugh at the enormity of the sight,
The pounding of my heart,
Sets my body to tingling.
Feeling like a lit up Christmas tree
Creating certainity of the reality, 
My Heavenly Network exists.

Breathing, settling, taking all this in,
For I have been suffering from an illusion.
Thinking I was alone,
Now knowing that I was wrong.

How generous of Heaven to make it so clear,
Offering a vision of what is near.
It is up to me to ask for help.
Everything and anything is on the table. 
Then what? You ask.
I leave it there. Once and for all!
Stepping aside, waiting my cue,
Is there anything that I can do?
I am open and willing to be the vessel,
Through which Heaven gets a job done.
This is the partnership that I have craved.
To be a part of something,
So beautiful and brave.