Follow your heart for that is where your treasure lies.

In September 1992, I began writing letters to God in my journal. This practice caused me to examine where I believe God is, where God dwells. I remembered my kindergarten teachings that God is Love and that God is everywhere. With that in mind, I remembered that the Presence of God is within me. So, in order to experience God/Love more intimately I began addressing my letters to; Dear God Within Me. This felt more personal, more real. I liked it.

I also believe that the Holy Spirit is the voice for God. It is God’s gift to us. A bridge, the Internal Communicator from whom we receive His Wisdom, sometimes I write letters and prayers to the Holy Spirit as well.

Recent prayers:

Dear Angels,March 5th, 2017
There was a time in my life when I had forgotten that I am loved, that God loves me. But getting to know you has helped me to think differently. Please help me to let go lovingly and forgive myself for forgetting this most important truth, I am loved. Please heal me so that I am open and willing to allow myself to receive the love of God in all its infinite expressions on this Earth. Thank you
Love, Gina
Dear Holy Spirit,April 10th, 2016
It is my heart's desire to create a joy filled life. I have a lot of joy in my life right now. Please help me to stay focused on my goal. Please help me to continue to make choices that feel the most joyful in my heart and follow that path. Thank you.
Love, Gina
Dear Holy Spirit,February 21st, 2016
Please help me to let go lovingly so that I may get out of my own way and yours. Please change me so that I am open and willing to receive the unfoldment of, "Thy Will Be Done," in my life.
Thank you.
Love, Gina
Dear Holy Spirit,November 17th, 2015
I have come to realize that the safety, stability and security that I want to feel must come from an intimate relationship with You, the Voice for God, first and foremost. I feel so human and I get so distracted by all the circumstances in my life that there are many times when I forget to seek You and your comfort. This has been one of the most challenging and difficult years of my life. My only refuge has been when I am quiet and invite You in. Please help me to remember to do this consistently/daily. Please help me to remember that if I want to experience stability, security and safety in this human world, I must go to You first and establish that peace in my mind with your help. Thank you.
Love, Gina
Dear Mother Father God,July 3rd, 2015
I believe that all people are creations of your Love. I believe that as your beloved children we are all equal and deserving of a happy life. As we celebrate our independence as a nation please help us to be respectful and supportive of eachother's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thank you.
Love, Gina