Follow your heart for that is where your treasure lies.


Hello, my name is Gina Fenske. People often ask me why my business is called Angelic Healing Associates, LLC. When I first started my healing work, my clients would leave each session with a common remark, “Gina, I feel like I receive an ‘AHA’ moment each time I come for healing.” This led me to thinking very carefully about how these revelations were happening. Certainly, I had no expectations for any particular session. I always knew that I am the facilitator of something life changing. “Could I come up with a new name for my business that reflected more accurately what is actually happening? What does ‘AHA’ stand for?”

Angelic Healing Associates, LLC was formed as a result of my knowing that I am part of a team of healers, both seen and unseen. Myself, my clients, Angels, the Holy Spirit and representatives from Heaven are all gathered to promote the healthiest, safest, most comforting environment within which healing occurs. This is what you get when you come for a healing session with me, a team from Heaven, supporting you in every way.


Recent Radio Interviews:

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lindsay Woods on her KRFC 88.9FM Public Radio broadcast The Tuesday Talk Show. Please take a moment and listen in.

The Tuesday Talk Show Part 1:

The Tuesday Talk Show Part 2:

Lindsay interviewed me a second time during which we discuss my book The Delicate Balance.

The Tuesday Talk Show Part 1:

The Tuesday Talk Show Part 2:

The Tuesday Talk Show Part 3:

Mission Statement:

My intention is to remind my clients of the Divine within themselves, to create a practice of communicating with this Presence, trusting and acting on this guidance accordingly, fully committed to leading the healthiest, happiest and most abundant lives possible.