It’s never too late…

Posted by wpgina on  October 26, 2017
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Dear God Within Me,  I’ve spent years not appreciating and even disregarding the importance and value of my body. I used to be arrogant enough to think, “I am Spirit in action. My body isn’t as important.” I have been so wrong. My body is the vehicle through which my Spirit travels. My body is a vital and valuable instrument without which my Spirit could not have the experiences for growth that it has. My

Finding peace within

Posted by wpgina on  October 18, 2017
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Dear Holy Spirit,  I have come to realize that the safety, stability and security that I want to feel must come from an intimate relationship with You, the Voice for God, first and foremost. I feel so human and I get so distracted by all the circumstances in my life that there are many times when I forget to seek You and your comfort. This has been one of the most challenging and difficult years

Courage to surrender

Posted by wpgina on  October 11, 2017
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Dear God Within Me, Please help me to surrender to the energy of Love in my heart. I desire to be an open, willing and receptive vehicle through which Love manifests. I want to follow my heart. Thank you. I love you. Love, Gina 

Holding the vision

Posted by wpgina on  October 2, 2017
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Dear Holy Spirit,  Please help me to envision the brilliant light within my own heart. Help me to consistently see it shine through me, around me and filling me with ever increasing enthusiasm and love. I believe that the Light and Love that I am made of unlocks my personal potential. It breaks thru any obstructions and creates a life for me of health, happiness, and dancing. When You support this vision with me, I am guaranteed success. Thank you!

Because You Loved Me

Posted by wpgina on  June 2, 2017
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‘Because You Loved Me,’ floated gently through my mind. I woke up knowing, that You had been with me all night long. Feeling Your love for me, I relax in it, I stretch in it, I change and grow in it. This is the love that sees me through troubling times. Holding me when I feel alone. This is the love that permeates my work. So, happy for my successes. Cheering me on, Cherishing me,