Writing has been an elemental part of my existence. In September 1992, I began writing letters to God in my journal. This practice caused me to examine where I believe God is, where God dwells. I remembered my kindergarten teachings that God is Love and that God is everywhere. This lead me to the thinking that God is within me too. So, in order to experience God/Love more intimately I began addressing my letters to: Dear God Within Me. This felt more personal, more real. I liked it. 

I also believe that the Holy Spirit is the voice for God. It is God’s gift to us. A bridge, the Internal Communicator from whom we receive His Wisdom, sometimes I write letters and prayers to the Holy Spirit as well.

Writing poetry creates an opportunity for me to get to know myself. It is a receptive time of introspection and self-awareness. It is my heart revealed. Please linger with me, enjoy and experience this “food for thought” through prayer and poetry on my  Blog .

I have also enjoyed writing on the Peace Cellar Blog. Click the link and enjoy!

The Delicate Balance

This remarkable book will change your life. Pause over it. Linger with it. Sit at the kitchen table with Gina. Share her courageous story, told with laughter and tears, by one friend to another. Learn with her how to move beyond illness, loss, injury, and despair into a life of joy, God-centered, demonstrating unconditional love in every aspect of daily life. “The question is how we choose to experience life. What will it be, misery or joy?” 

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Excerpt from page 104 – 105 

“The first question that comes to mind is, how do I define love? What characteristics does love represent to me?
Love is full of patience and forbearance, as in self-restraint.
Love is kind in the sense that we are vehicles of harmlessness in thought, word, and deed.
Love knows that in order to feel loved, we must give it away first.
Love is vulnerable in the sense that we are willing to open our hearts with no hidden expectations.
Love is innocent. It is in this innocence that it finds its greatest source of strength. To me innocence means a state of surrender. It is a purity of heart, trusting that God has our highest and best interests at heart.
Love does not punish, accuse, find fault, blame, patronize, or belittle.
Love is not obligatory. It is given freely.
Love communicates through understanding and a willingness to explore truth.
Love forgives.
Love opens doors.
Love never gives up.
Love is truthful.
Love never hides anything for in love there is never anything to hide.
Love goes on forever, for love is truly all there ever was, ever is, or ever will be.
Love remains.
I understand and experience deep in my heart what love is. Yet I still find myself asking, how does love show up in everyday human experiences? What keeps it showing up when it would be so much easier to get mad or get even?”

Excerpt from page 267 

“I do believe there really is a Heaven. Can we actually have Heaven here on Earth? Love, Gina” 

“Yes, Gina, there is a Heaven. Heaven exists in the mind of God. The mind of God is within you. You have asked. Receive the mind of God and you will know love. That is what you have longed for, the experience of knowing love, within yourself and with others. It is how you bridge any perceived separation here on Earth. Love is a choice. It is the choice you have made. A mind filled with love remembers that only love exists. This is the essence of true wisdom. It is the source of true power. It is the experience of freedom. Love is the way you experience Me.”